Adventures in the Chaos Scar

9-7-2010 Update

Happy belated Labor Day everyone! Hope your weekend was fun and….without labor??? I dunno, anyway, here’s what happened at our D&D session last sunday…

Note: This d&d session occurred with only Alex, while everyone else’s characters were busy with the campaign development detailed in the 8-30-2010 Update

Bobo the super dwarf was hired for a guard detail in the Saruun Guildhouse by its senior mage Citrian. He was to stand guard over the treasure vault for an eight-hour period. Bobo set about his duty with vigilance, but he soon succumbed to weariness and began to fall asleep. He was awoken by a large human wielding an even larger greataxe standing at the end of the treasure vault hallway. The barbarian, along with two rogues and a mage, fought with Bobo to gain entrance to the vault. While the rogues and barbarian distracted Bobo, the mage was able to disarm the wards to get into the vault, but Bobo struck all the intruders down before they were able to steal any loot! He was rewarded for his hard-fought efforts with 200gp from Citrian. The guildhouses janitor, Scruffy, came and disposed of the bodies.

But the night was far from over. Not even five minutes after Scruffy had left, he came running back into the hallway with a swarm of rats attacking him. Bobo the super dwarf aided Scruffy and together they burned the rats with a bottle of Alchemist Fire. After his shift was over, Bobo and Scruffy went to the Stumbling Giant for a well-deserved drink (make that three!). Bobo told Scruffy that he would help him clear out the underground cellars and sewers of the Saruun Guildhouse, that way he would no longer be pestered by filthy rats. Scruffy was “much abliged…mmmmhhmmmmm”. The next day, they set about their task. They at last came to the boiler room, which was inhabited by a ghoul and a shard of the Chaos Meteor (strange???). The ghoul sank its teeth into a mage apprentice, who was along for the ride, and after the fight, he was rushed to the Guildhouse infirmary while Bobo the super dwarf and Scruffy, the Janitor were quarantined. After several minutes of screaming from the infirmary, Citrian exited with a blood-spattered robe, saying that the apprentice had to be killed to stop the spread of the disease. Bobo noticed the mage walking with a slight limp as he unlocked their room to let him and Scruffy go…


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