Adventures in the Chaos Scar

8-30-2010 Update

Hello! Here’s a brief summary of the D&D session yesterday. Well, at least it started out brief…we actually did a lot in the way of plot development.

Once the celebration for the PCs died down, the group was summoned to a tribe elder meeting. The topic on hand was the future of the refugee camp; where they should go, who they should bring with them, etc. The elf tribe elders consist of:

- Sorrenson – a crotchity, stubborn, war veteran

- Anastriana Stargazer – a motherly elf, smelling of fresh baked bread and honey, who’s heart lies in caring for the children and orphans of the refugee camp

- Baldric Smithson – a retired blacksmith whose craftsmanship with wood was as remarkable as any stone or steel crafts made by the dwarves

- Carric Greanleaf – Elven Tribe Leader

Through Davros’s knowledge of the Chaos scar area, he knew of a local fortress, known as Restwell Keep, which could prove to be a safe haven for the refugees. One problem: rumor has it Restwell Keep is currently ruled by a band of evil adventurers known as the Six Blades of Fortune. The PCs assured the council that they could root out anyone in the keep. They decided to pack up, clear the keep out, and return when they were finished.

On their trek to Restwell Keep, the PCs were ambushed by a large group of thugs, led by two dexterous halfling twin brothers. The PCs (known as the Seven Orc Pileup) fought a long, hard fight. The thugs split the group up, and Bobo the super dwarf’s armor was rendered useless when a potion applied by one of the halflings shrunk it down to fit a household rat. The fight ended up in the PCs favor, slaying everyone except for one of the halfling brothers. While the PCs were distracted by a lumbering giant crashing into the battlefield, the short halfling struck a near-fatal blow to Bobo the super dwarf and disappeared into the forest. The tired and bruised PCs then had to use the remainder of their strength to battle an enfuriated and annoyed giant (you see, he had very large ears and the battle was taking place right after he got off a 12-hour work detail….he was in no mood for shenanigans!). Though the giant was able to hurl people around like ragdolls, the Seven Orc Pileup group was able to overcome this behemoth, with Davros dealing the killing blow (literally, he blew cold air at him…)

After resting and traveling another full day, the PCs arrived at the farmsteads outside of Restwell Keep. Speaking with one of the farmers, the group found out that the Six Blades of Fortune met their doom a fortnight ago when the keep was stormed by Lord Drysdale, a human paladin of Erathis. He and his cohorts now control the Keep and from what the PCs gathered, not everyone is too excited about this recent change. The PCs wished to talk to this Lord Drysdale and set about doing this.

Upon entering Restwell Keep, they met Fallek, corporal of the guard, and Syradon, the keep’s scribe. After introductions were made, weapons were confiscated, jokes were made, ladies were hit on, and purposes were stated, Fallek led the PCs to Kendon Longstrider, baliff of the Keep’s outer bailey. Kendon openly displays his disdain for Lord Drysdale, but is willing to help the PCs and the refugees find a place to reside in or around the keep. Kendon mentions that Lord Drysdale would show gratitude and be more willing to allow the refugees to stay in Restwell Keep if the PCs tracked down the murderous halflings who ambushed them on the road and kill them.

After two days of recuperation, the PCs are now ready to leave, and now must make a decision of what to do first: return to the refugees to tell them the good news, or hunt down the killer halflings. When the PCs return though, they find the state of the refugee camp in a drastically different condition than when they left….

Tune in next week. Same D&D time, same D&D channel, same cheesy DM!

P.S.: if you don’t laugh at my sarcasm, then I quit DMing. The campaign will now be run by LOLcat DM! Beware!!!!


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