The Brothers Gray


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Summary: The Brothers Gray adventure begins by the adventurers returning to the refugee camp. After much celebration for the recue of two captured elves, the PCs are summoned to a tribe elder meeting to discuss the future of this camp. Once a decision is made, the camp head out. The camp is attacked (focused mainly on the PCs) by a large band of thugs and halfling snipers (two of the Gray Brothers). If it was not determined before, it is settled that the refugees will go to Restwell Keep for safety. Once there, they gather that the band of thugs that attacked them on the road reside in an abandoned mine complex.

The Brothers Gray have lived in their mine stronghold for a couple of months now and have grown confident in its secrecy and the dangers of the surrounding area to ward off pursuers. As such, they have become lax in their vigilance, and the party has the opportunity to catch the majority of the gang off guard. From there, the heroes can head into the old mine structure and encounter two of the three halfling brothers. If the PCs are perceptive, they will note that not all the gang members are present—one of the brothers is missing—and will have the opportunity to ambush the returning brother and his compatriots when they arrive home from a scouting mission. If the party doesn’t take precautions, though, then they find themselves ambushed in turn.

Finally, the old mine works that the gang inhabits provides opportunities for future exploration in the form of an old, seemingly bottomless mine shaft and a mysterious tunnel that departs from it as a secretly cut drift. A hook is provided in the secret drift: An old dwarven shield from the Stronghammer Clan Forge.

Tribe Elder Meeting

The PCs must decide what is the best action in their minds to take to ensure safety to the refugees. Then, via a skill challenge, they must converse with the elven tribe elders to defend their case and come to a compromise. The elders consist of

Sorrenson – This elf is over 300 years old and is the oldest of the elders. He behaves like a crochity, know-it-all, hard of hearing old man. He thinks that the elves should just kick out all the non-elf refugees and start a new elf-colony in the forest north of the Chaos Scar. As an old war veteran, Sorrenson’s approval can be gained by the PCs showing their respect to him as well as successfully convincing him that their plan has the elves’ security as the utmost importance.

Carric Greanleaf – Elven Tribe Leader – Carric wished only the best for his people. He does not squash any reasonable idea the PCs have. The PCs have already gained his approval by rescuing the elves in the previous adventure.

Anastriana Stargazer – Anastrianna’s heart lies in the elf children of the community. Her face is lined from what seems to be a permanent smile and she has the aroma of honey and fresh baked bread. To gain her approval, the PCs must demonstrate their love for children in some manner.

Baldric Smithson – Baldric is a retired blacksmith. When he was in his prime, it was said that his craftsmanship with wood was as remarkable as any stone or steel crafts made by the dwarves. He carries an ornate yew staff with him at all time. It was last piece of work he ever made, intended for his son, an adventuring sorcerer, but he hasn’t seen him for nearly 50 years. To gain his approval, the PCs must demonstrate their knowledge of and respect for the land.

Skill Challenge

Comlexity 3 (8 successes before 3 failures)

Key Skills: Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Streetwise, History

Success: The PCs convince the tribe elders to go with the plan of action they have decided upon. The path of the campaign is determined from here……

Encounter 1: Ambush!

The adventurers are escorting the refugees across the forrest terrain, when they suddenly are ambushed by thugs. Some of the thugs rush into the area, while others are already hiding throughout the terrain. The band of thugs are led by a pair of halfling brothers (the Gray Brothers) who hide in trees and snipe people with their slingss and crossbows. The thugs tactics are simple…general mayhem by killing as many refugees as possible. Although simple minded, they are not idiots. They do not ignore a formidable PC and gang up on their targets whenever possible.

The halflings have revenge on their mind. In a past adventure, the PCs killed their sister Morgana. Granted she was delirious from being in close contact to a shard of the Chaos Meteor, but the Gray Brothers believe in an eye for an eye….well, as much as looting thief can believe in such a philosophy. They target specifically the PCs, choosing the least armored PC first. Before combat, one of the halflings poses as a elf child and gives a well-armored PC a “draught of ale”. This potion, although tasty, makes the drinker’s skin very irritable, giving them combat advantage and vulnerable 5 until they take off whatever armor he/she is wearing.

If the fight goes on for longer than 6 rounds, the loud noises attract the unwanted attention of a nearby dolgarr. The dolgarr has particularly sensitive ears and smashes anyone who is making an obscene amount of noise.

- Finneus Graybairn (lvl 3 halfling slinger)

- Mosley Graybairn (lvl 6 halfling prowler)

- 16 human bandit archers

- (optional) Dolgarr Beserker

In aftermath, whether or not the PCs obtained any information from the thugs or halflings, the tribe elders plead with the PCs to accompany the refugees immediately to Restwell Keep. Use the information provided by D&DI on Restwell Keep.

Mine Complex

When the PCs are ready to head out to the mine complex, use the D&DI adventure Brothers Gray, except with the following edits.

- If any of the halflings were slain in encounter 1, they are not present in any of the combats of this adventure (obviously….unless the’re zombies!!!?)

- add 4 more human rabble to the Bandit Encampment

- in the Upper Works, replace stirges with a ravenous attack dog (lvl 5) and up both of the halfling brother’s levels by 2

- in the Upper Works, the building is only one story, and there are several barrels throughout the main room loaded with an explosive form of coal (if hit, close burst 2; +4 vs Reflex; 2d6 damage and target is knocked prone)

- in Homecoming, replace the wolf with a ravenous attack dog (lvl 5)


Bandit Encampment – 200 gp

Upper Works – two 100gp sapphires and 200sp worth of coal

Homecoming – Hunting Beast Hide Armor +1

Bottom of Mine Shaft – Hammer Shield

The Brothers Gray

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