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PC Achievements

As a general rule, each achievement can be earned up to a maximum of three times, unless specified otherwise by the DM. When an achievement is earned multiple times, the benefits it grants stack and prestige points are awarded for each achievement earned.

Free Fallin’ – 1 Prestige Point
Survive a fall of more than 100 feet.
You may now treat falling damage as if you fell 10 less feet.

Death Incarnate – 2 Prestige Points
Kill 100 enemies.
Gain a +2 to intimidate and a +1 to damage.

Party Savior – 3 Prestige Points
Bring dying allies back from negative hit points into the fight 10 times
If an ally within 30 feet of you is dropped below 0 hit points, you may spend any at-will or class feature power with the healing keyword as an immediate reaction.

Gratuitous Violence – 2 Prestige Points
Deal more than 100 damage in a single hit
Gain a permanent +1 with the stat used for the ability to deal the damage (i.e. strength for a barbarian’s cleave, intelligence for a wizard’s fireball, wisdom for a cleric’s firestorm, etc…)

Mass Murderer – 2 Prestige Points
Kill five foes (non-minions) with a single attack
Gain a permanent +1 with the stat used for the ability to kill the foes (i.e. strength for a barbarian’s cleave, intelligence for a wizard’s fireball, wisdom for a cleric’s firestorm, etc…)

Anti-venom – 1 Prestige Point
Succeed at two saving throws vs. poison in one encounter
Gain a permanent +2 bonus to saving throws vs. poison

Immortality – 1 Prestige Point
You take no damage in an encounter.
Gain a +2 bonus to initiative. If you do not take damage for an entire round, you gain concealment at the start of your turn (ends at the end of your turn).

The Broad Side of a Barn – 2 Prestige Points
Deal no damage during an encounter
You may reroll any one d20 roll once per encounter

Trick Dice – 1 Prestige Point
Roll three natural 20’s on a particular type of attack roll, skill roll, or saving throw in one encounter
Gain a permanent +2 bonus to rolls related to that particular attack, skill, or saving throw

Oh, Come ON! – 1 Prestige Point
Critically fumble three times in one encounter
Buy a new d20 and you may, once per encounter, roll two d20s for an attack roll or skill roll and take the better result

I have the POWER! – 1 Prestige Point
Have your total attack roll equal to or greater than double your target’s defense. (Natural 20 rolls not included)
Gain a permanent +1 to attack rolls.

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again – 3 Prestige Points
Die Three times (with the same character).
When taking damage that will kill you, make an immediate death saving throw. If the result is 10 or greater, you are knocked unconscious and reduced to -1 hp instead.

Snake Oil Salesman – 1 Prestige Point
Succeed at an Hard DC Bluff.
Permanent +1 to Bluff

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble – 1 Prestige Point
Research a unique spell or ritual of your own creation
Gain a +4 bonus to any skill involved when casting that ritual. If spell, gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls when casting that spell.

Beware of Frog – 1 Prestige Point
Have your familiar or animal companion deliver a killing blow
Your creature’s level is increased by 1

Solarplexussayswhat? – 1 Prestige Point (3 Prestige Points for Elite; 10 Prestige Points for Solo)
Successfully kill a healthy opponent (100% hp)
Add 1[W] to the first damage roll you make in an encounter (increases to 2[W] at 21st level)

Down Boy! – 1 Prestige Point
Successfully Rear a wild animal
+1 to Nature

With enemies like you, who needs friends? – 1 Prestige Point
Turn a freshly fallen foe into an undead creature to attack their former allies
When using the undead servitor ritual, the created undead is treated as a zombie rotter (see Monster Manual) of a level equal to your level – 1

Countered! – 1 Prestige Point
Successfully counter an enemy’s spell
+2 bonus to Arcana when using to dispel magic

Hoisted by your own Petard – 2 Prestige Points
Successfully Disarm an opponent and use their own weapon to kill them
Make one disarm attempt per encounter as a minor action

The Performance of a Lifetime – 1 Prestige Point
Give an “extraordinary performance”
Gain a permanent +1 bonus to the skill related to that performance

Squishy – 2 Prestige Points
Kill 10 Minions in one round
Gain a permanent +1 bonus to all burst and blast attack rolls

Not quite dead yet… – 1 Prestige Point
Successfully bring an ally back from the dead
Any time you use a power to grant that ally a healing surge, you heal them an extra +1d6 hp.

Clumsy – 2 Prestige Points
Activate 3 traps in one encounter
Gain a +2 bonus to all defenses against traps (i.e. become a kobold!!!)

Backfire – 1 Prestige Point
Make an enemy activate his own trap
Gain a +1 bonus to Bluff or Diplomacy (your choice)

This is SPARTA! – 1 Prestige Point
Either Pull, Push or Slide an enemy into a Pit, Killing the Enemy with Fall Damage.
Gain a permanent +1 bonus to bull rush and strength checks

Ouch! Charlie Bit Me – 1 Prestige Point
Deal more damage to allies than enemies with an AOE attack
When using an AOE power that will include an ally, that ally can shift one square as a free action (although this might not put them out of the attack radius)

Autoattack FTW – 1 Prestige Point
Complete an encounter using only at-will and basic attack powers
Gain a +1 bonus to basic attack powers

Quick Spender – 2 Prestige Points
In the first encounter of a session, expend the use of all of your daily powers, daily item powers, all of your encounter powers, your action point, your second wind and use all of your at-will powers at least once.
You gain 1 additional daily item usage

Overkill – 1 Prestige Point
Reduce an enemy to negative hit points equal to or greater than its bloodied value (i.e. truly kill the enemy!)
Gain 5 temp hp/tier and a permanent +2 bonus to Intimidate


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