Lord Drysdale

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The ruler of Restwell Keep, Lord Drysdale is a nearly 50-year-old human paladin of Erathis. His iron gray hair and tanned, weathered skin point to many long years spent wandering the wilds in search of evil foes to defeat. In his old age, Drysdale has decided to settle down while continuing to do what good he can. He sees the keep as a seed that, with the right attention, can bloom into a gleaming bastion of civilization. He dreams of amassing enough warriors to draw settlers and merchants to the region. In time, he hopes to defeat the evil of the Chaos Scar and turn the entire region into a civilized realm.

Drysdale’s key weakness lies in his long military experience. While an excellent warrior and a skilled tactician, he has little experience as a politician. The concerns and worries of the folk of the outer bailey strike him as mere complaints. If he could, he would remove them from the keep and relocate them to a safer land. He cannot understand why such folk would want to dwell in the shadow of the Chaos Scar.

Lord Drysdale keeps a keen eye out for promising adventurers. As part of his long-term strategy for reclaiming the region, he wants information on the Chaos Scar. Adventurers that defeat evil creatures within the Scar earn his respect. If such adventurers prove themselves over time, he eventually invites them into the fortress for a banquet. He asks many questions of his guests, carefully sizing them up before extending support to them. He can offer a place to stay in the fortress, command of some of his soldiers on missions, and information he has uncovered about the Chaos Scar to set them against increasingly powerful enemies.


Lord Drysdale

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