Kendon Longstrider

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A veteran warrior who once served the Blades, Kendon is in charge of the outer bailey of Restwell Keep. He commands the guard, serves as a mediator between Lord Drysdale and the folk of the outer bailey, and collects taxes from adventurers and merchants. Nearly 60 years old, he keeps his gray hair cut short and his long moustache carefully waxed and trimmed.

Kendon is genuinely concerned by Lord Drysdale’s rule. While he acknowledges the paladin’s good intentions, he preferred the rule of the Blades. True, the Blades were criminals, but they left the people of the keep alone and avoided arousing the ire of the Chaos Scar’s monsters. Rumors abound that all folk in the keep must soon convert to the worship of Erathis, that Drysdale plans to press everyone into an army he plans to march into the Scar, and that the keep will soon become little more than a military base for Drysdale’s crusade.


Kendon Longstrider

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