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This wizard wears a silver mask and long, sky blue robes. He speaks in a tone barely louder than a whisper, while his similarly clad assistants have never been known to speak.

If Citirian hears news of treasures brought out of the Chaos Scar by adventurers, he dispatches one of his assistants with a note inviting the adventurers to dinner at the guildhouse. He lavishes his guests with excellent food and at the end of the meal, makes an offer to buy whatever item or object the explorers found. These offers are usually 10% above the item’s market price, but sometimes he offers far, far more than the baseline price.

At other times, Citirian uses a similar method to commission expeditions to specific areas of the Scar. Such commissions are seen as easy money, as the mage usually asks only for samples of soil, plants, and other mundane features from the Scar.



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