Adventures in the Chaos Scar

The End of All Things

Sad news…..the campaign was cut short sunday. The following story is hard to tell, but it must be told. The heroes of the Seven Orc Pileup adventuring team will be remembered for their sacrifice (well, most of them). Do not weep for those who have fallen, for they certainly would not weep for you.

Our session on sunday began with the PCs inside what they found to be a hand-carved tunnel that was believed by Bobo the Super Dwarf to lead to his clan’s stronghold. The other members of the party thought that returning to elven refugee camp to escort them back to Restwell Keep was of higher priority than dredging through what could be endless miles underground before they reached the clan stronghold. Bobo, being a bull-headed dwarf, disagreed and continued on his journey himself, cursing the party as they left; but Bobo didn’t know that fate was about to deal a cruel hand to everyone that day.

Bobo traveled for several more miles in the small tunnel before he began to smell and hear sounds of a metalworking refinery. He knew he must be close! The tunnel ended in a hole in the middle of a room. Employing stealth, Bobo found that evil, devilish dwarves were inhabiting this small metalworking area. Something rang a bell to Bobo though, he recognized one of the dwarves’ faces and their names, although he couldn’t understand anything else their Abyssal tongues were saying. Feeling a bit courageous, Bobo climbed up into the room. The dwarves immediately tried to take Bobo as a prisoner, but Bobo the Super Dwarf would have none of that! He fought and kicked, but he was outmatched and was quickly brought down by the hammers of the duergar. The last thing he remembered was being dragged to a cell and left to die. Although he never returned to his clan’s stronghold, Bobo tried his damndest to take revenge on the monsters who destroyed his home; but like so many other adventurers, the Chaos Scar claimed his life.

As for the rest of the Seven Orc Pileup team: Christmas, Davros, and Cairn Bloodhoof all left the tunnel and traveled back to the refugee camp to bring them the good news. Lord Drysdale had granted them stay within Restwell Keep! But when they reached the camp, they found the place in disarray….tents and trees burning, half-eaten bodies littered the ground, and not a soul alive. While investigating, they were ambushed by a group of undead ghouls, all of whom were elves…the risen corpses of the refugees! For a full account of their adventure, see the Ghoul Plague adventure.

Davros was the first to fall to the ghoul horde in Encounter 2. He was overwhelmed by ghouls, biting and shredding his body into bits. Christmas and Cairn rescued Carric Greanleaf and Baldric Smithson from the old building, and they immediately started running back to Restwell Keep.

Cairn Bloodhoof realized that they could never outrun the ghouls if they stuck together. Choosing bravery and valor over his savage minotaur nature, he stayed back and battled the horde of ghouls in order to buy the others time. Although Cairn took down dozens of the undead, he eventually was overcome and eaten by the ghoul horde. His sacrifice was not in vain though…the session ended with Christmas and the two remaining elf leaders reaching Restwell Keep, safe within its walls from the undead…..for now.

But all good things must end. Despite Lord Drysdale and his army, the horde of undead grew and eventually overtook the denizens of Restwell Keep, thereby destroying the last safe haven within the Chaos Scar. If one was to travel there now, they would find nothing but the husk of a town, stripped bare of its buildings and people.

In time, the evil within the Chaos Scar grew and spread its influence throughout the world, bringing forth an apocalypse. The gods turned their back, leaving the world to fend for itself, seeing it as a lost cause. The sun is now slowly dying, and the world is a desert, full of marauders fighting for the last bits of scrap remaining.

In Short……

Although short, it was a good campaign. I had a lot of fun running the adventures that the PCs experienced and hope that they enjoyed themselves as well! Our next campaign will be set several thousand years in the future in a world vastly different than the Chaos Scar…GAMMA WORLD!!!! If you’ve never played Gamma World, Wizards of the Coast is releasing a new version that implements the 4E D&D rules, making it a smoother transition for us D&D players! Once we begin, this campaign will be removed from the Obsidian Portal and I will be posting a new campaign. This will probably be my final update. Take care, God bless, and be better prepared for the zombie apocalypse next time!!!


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