Adventures in the Chaos Scar

9-15-2010 Update

This week, our story continues by the Seven Orc Pile-up Adventuring Party deciding that it was best to hunt down the murderous halflings before they brought the refugees into Restwell Keep. Talking to Kendon Longstrider, he mentioned that this would give the PCs some extra clout with Lord Drysdale and make him more amicable to allowing the refugees to stay within his walls. After receiving directions to an abandoned mine complex, believed to be the halflings’ hideout, the PCs set out.

A full description of the encounters that followed can be found in The Brothers Gray. Below is a summary of what items and loot were found as well as the conclusion of the adventure.

- Hunting Beast Hide Armor +1 – Retrieved by Davros from one of the dead halfling Gray brothers

- Hammer Shield – Found in a mine shaft by Bobo the Super Dwarf

- 200gp – Found among the bandit encampment outside the mine complex

- two 100gp sapphires and 200sp worth of coal – Found inside the mine complex house

The PCs also received several Achievements!!! See the Achievements page to view each PCs current achievements.

The Brothers Gray Conclusion: Upon exploring the mine shaft within the complex, Bobo the Super Dwarf discovered a hidden tunnel that had a Dwarven Hammer Shield (belonging to the Stronghammer Clan) strewn within the rubble at its entrance. Bobo knew that it was not by chance that this shield ended up here; that this tunnel must eventually lead its way back to his clan’s stronghold!

The Seven Orc Pile-up team decided to quickly investigate where this tunnel led and soon found themselves in the lair of several deformed drakes, led by a gigantic rage drake! To make matters worse, a large shard of the Chaos meteor was embedded into a rock formation within the cave and was providing magical attacks to defend the drakes. After a hard-fought battle, the PCs emerged victorious and are now faced with the decision to venture further into the tunnel, not knowing what they will encounter next (or how far the travel is to Bobo’s clan stronghold), or to return topside and head back to either the refugees or Restwell Keep.

Destinies will be chosen, lives are at stake, and the PCs have more to lose than they realize….


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