Adventures in the Chaos Scar

8-23-2010 Update

Hey everybody!!!! Sorry that we were all unable to play yesterday mainly due to me being busy (bad DM!). Anyway, wanted to update everyone that Dave and I got together to roll some dice for about an hour yesterday afternoon. He, along with the half-elf bard, ventured into an icy cave to confront a slumbering young white dragon (dun dun duuuhhhhh!). Coming close to death a couple times, Dave the minotaur emerged victorious, crushing the dragon’s skull to bits with his giant mordenkrad hammer. He was rewarded for his efforts by finding a suit of Bestial Hide Armor +1.

When we all play together next, we will start off by your party returning to the refugee camp with the elf captives rescued from an evil cult of the god Torog. The entire elven community of the camp throws a grand party in celebration of the safe return of their captive brothers and generously thanks your group. The elven leader, Carric Greenleaf, bestows his blessing upon you all and gives each of you an silver elven ring bearing a green leaf.

The next day, you group is summoned to a tribe elder meeting to discuss the future of this refugee camp. What actions will you take to guarantee the safety of the people who put their trust in you???


natestar natestar

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