Adventures in the Chaos Scar

8-20-2010 Update

Below is a synopsis of the campaign so far.

Adventuring Party:
h6. Seven Orc Pileup

Alex – Bobo the Super Dwarf – dwarf warden

Jeff – Davros – wilden druid

Dave – Cairn Bloodhoof – minotaur barbarian

Brianna – Christmas – half-elf bard

Chaos Scar

Starting off:
Your characters started this campaign in a makeshift refugee camp on the outskirts of the Chaos Scar (east of the King’s Wall). The camp is comprised of the various races that lived in the Chaos Scar area before the meteor struck: elves and dwarves mostly, although there are some gnomes, humans, and half-elves). Through interaction with the denizens of the camp, you were informed of the hazards in the local area, which lead you to your first adventure.

Adventure 1: Bullywugs!!!
After several raids, the elves of the refugee camp had enough of these overgrown frogs pillaging their supplies. They tasked your group to find their lair and kill all the bullywugs inside. Finding their lair in a old sorcerer’s lab, you fought your way past giant frogs and frog-people (Jeff and Alex almost being eaten in the process!). You discovered that a magical staff connected to the elemental chaos was oozing forth a tide of mud, which is what attracted the bullywugs to this site. Utilizing his magical abilities, Jeff stopped the flood of mud and took the magical staff for his own. When you group returned to the refugee camp, everyone was glad to be rid of those frog pests… but their happiness was short lived. Right after Jeff left to travel in the woods (as he often does…probably picking flowers and rolling in grass) the camp was attacked by blue demon statues, cultists, and a one-armed, battle-axe wielding gnoll!
Try as hard as you might, your group was unable to stop the cultists from taking two elves captive and killing several more. You vowed to yourselves and the camp to find the missing elves and kill whoever was responsible.

Adventure 2: Cultists!
You tracked down the cultists’ path to an old cave on the side of a hill about 4 hours west of the camp. Entering, you fought and slew all the cultists and blue demons you encountered. Inside the cave, you found a giant mass of fungal mushrooms next to what turned out to be a temple devoted to the god Torog, the King that Crawls. Fighting your way through, you eliminated the leader of this cult, a female halfling named Morgana, and discovered that another power was at work in this dark place…a rock shard of the Chaos Scar meteor! Using his wits (or perhaps just doing what he does best) Dave smashed the shard to dust with his giant mordenkrad hammer. Finding the captive elves in a prison cell as well as finding a pile of coins, your group prepared to exit the cave, having killed all within. But wait, there’s more (there always is!), upon exiting the temple, you encountered several myconids (mushroom people) who were intent on killing your party and taking over this cave for their own. After a hard fought battle, your group survived and left the cave for good, returning to the refugee camp….

And this is where we will start off the next time we play!!!


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