Adventures in the Chaos Scar

The End of All Things

Sad news…..the campaign was cut short sunday. The following story is hard to tell, but it must be told. The heroes of the Seven Orc Pileup adventuring team will be remembered for their sacrifice (well, most of them). Do not weep for those who have fallen, for they certainly would not weep for you.

Our session on sunday began with the PCs inside what they found to be a hand-carved tunnel that was believed by Bobo the Super Dwarf to lead to his clan’s stronghold. The other members of the party thought that returning to elven refugee camp to escort them back to Restwell Keep was of higher priority than dredging through what could be endless miles underground before they reached the clan stronghold. Bobo, being a bull-headed dwarf, disagreed and continued on his journey himself, cursing the party as they left; but Bobo didn’t know that fate was about to deal a cruel hand to everyone that day.

Bobo traveled for several more miles in the small tunnel before he began to smell and hear sounds of a metalworking refinery. He knew he must be close! The tunnel ended in a hole in the middle of a room. Employing stealth, Bobo found that evil, devilish dwarves were inhabiting this small metalworking area. Something rang a bell to Bobo though, he recognized one of the dwarves’ faces and their names, although he couldn’t understand anything else their Abyssal tongues were saying. Feeling a bit courageous, Bobo climbed up into the room. The dwarves immediately tried to take Bobo as a prisoner, but Bobo the Super Dwarf would have none of that! He fought and kicked, but he was outmatched and was quickly brought down by the hammers of the duergar. The last thing he remembered was being dragged to a cell and left to die. Although he never returned to his clan’s stronghold, Bobo tried his damndest to take revenge on the monsters who destroyed his home; but like so many other adventurers, the Chaos Scar claimed his life.

As for the rest of the Seven Orc Pileup team: Christmas, Davros, and Cairn Bloodhoof all left the tunnel and traveled back to the refugee camp to bring them the good news. Lord Drysdale had granted them stay within Restwell Keep! But when they reached the camp, they found the place in disarray….tents and trees burning, half-eaten bodies littered the ground, and not a soul alive. While investigating, they were ambushed by a group of undead ghouls, all of whom were elves…the risen corpses of the refugees! For a full account of their adventure, see the Ghoul Plague adventure.

Davros was the first to fall to the ghoul horde in Encounter 2. He was overwhelmed by ghouls, biting and shredding his body into bits. Christmas and Cairn rescued Carric Greanleaf and Baldric Smithson from the old building, and they immediately started running back to Restwell Keep.

Cairn Bloodhoof realized that they could never outrun the ghouls if they stuck together. Choosing bravery and valor over his savage minotaur nature, he stayed back and battled the horde of ghouls in order to buy the others time. Although Cairn took down dozens of the undead, he eventually was overcome and eaten by the ghoul horde. His sacrifice was not in vain though…the session ended with Christmas and the two remaining elf leaders reaching Restwell Keep, safe within its walls from the undead…..for now.

But all good things must end. Despite Lord Drysdale and his army, the horde of undead grew and eventually overtook the denizens of Restwell Keep, thereby destroying the last safe haven within the Chaos Scar. If one was to travel there now, they would find nothing but the husk of a town, stripped bare of its buildings and people.

In time, the evil within the Chaos Scar grew and spread its influence throughout the world, bringing forth an apocalypse. The gods turned their back, leaving the world to fend for itself, seeing it as a lost cause. The sun is now slowly dying, and the world is a desert, full of marauders fighting for the last bits of scrap remaining.

In Short……

Although short, it was a good campaign. I had a lot of fun running the adventures that the PCs experienced and hope that they enjoyed themselves as well! Our next campaign will be set several thousand years in the future in a world vastly different than the Chaos Scar…GAMMA WORLD!!!! If you’ve never played Gamma World, Wizards of the Coast is releasing a new version that implements the 4E D&D rules, making it a smoother transition for us D&D players! Once we begin, this campaign will be removed from the Obsidian Portal and I will be posting a new campaign. This will probably be my final update. Take care, God bless, and be better prepared for the zombie apocalypse next time!!!

9-16-10 Video Post

How do I put this lightly?…..sometimes PCs in your campaign deviate from the storyline or make it impossible for the DM to plausibly continue the plot. I saw this video today and the king’s reaction at the end sums up how I feel when stuff like this happens. BTW…Jeff, your the ninja who kills the king’s daughter! ;P

Ninjas playing D&D

9-15-2010 Update

This week, our story continues by the Seven Orc Pile-up Adventuring Party deciding that it was best to hunt down the murderous halflings before they brought the refugees into Restwell Keep. Talking to Kendon Longstrider, he mentioned that this would give the PCs some extra clout with Lord Drysdale and make him more amicable to allowing the refugees to stay within his walls. After receiving directions to an abandoned mine complex, believed to be the halflings’ hideout, the PCs set out.

A full description of the encounters that followed can be found in The Brothers Gray. Below is a summary of what items and loot were found as well as the conclusion of the adventure.

- Hunting Beast Hide Armor +1 – Retrieved by Davros from one of the dead halfling Gray brothers

- Hammer Shield – Found in a mine shaft by Bobo the Super Dwarf

- 200gp – Found among the bandit encampment outside the mine complex

- two 100gp sapphires and 200sp worth of coal – Found inside the mine complex house

The PCs also received several Achievements!!! See the Achievements page to view each PCs current achievements.

The Brothers Gray Conclusion: Upon exploring the mine shaft within the complex, Bobo the Super Dwarf discovered a hidden tunnel that had a Dwarven Hammer Shield (belonging to the Stronghammer Clan) strewn within the rubble at its entrance. Bobo knew that it was not by chance that this shield ended up here; that this tunnel must eventually lead its way back to his clan’s stronghold!

The Seven Orc Pile-up team decided to quickly investigate where this tunnel led and soon found themselves in the lair of several deformed drakes, led by a gigantic rage drake! To make matters worse, a large shard of the Chaos meteor was embedded into a rock formation within the cave and was providing magical attacks to defend the drakes. After a hard-fought battle, the PCs emerged victorious and are now faced with the decision to venture further into the tunnel, not knowing what they will encounter next (or how far the travel is to Bobo’s clan stronghold), or to return topside and head back to either the refugees or Restwell Keep.

Destinies will be chosen, lives are at stake, and the PCs have more to lose than they realize….

9-7-2010 Update

Happy belated Labor Day everyone! Hope your weekend was fun and….without labor??? I dunno, anyway, here’s what happened at our D&D session last sunday…

Note: This d&d session occurred with only Alex, while everyone else’s characters were busy with the campaign development detailed in the 8-30-2010 Update

Bobo the super dwarf was hired for a guard detail in the Saruun Guildhouse by its senior mage Citrian. He was to stand guard over the treasure vault for an eight-hour period. Bobo set about his duty with vigilance, but he soon succumbed to weariness and began to fall asleep. He was awoken by a large human wielding an even larger greataxe standing at the end of the treasure vault hallway. The barbarian, along with two rogues and a mage, fought with Bobo to gain entrance to the vault. While the rogues and barbarian distracted Bobo, the mage was able to disarm the wards to get into the vault, but Bobo struck all the intruders down before they were able to steal any loot! He was rewarded for his hard-fought efforts with 200gp from Citrian. The guildhouses janitor, Scruffy, came and disposed of the bodies.

But the night was far from over. Not even five minutes after Scruffy had left, he came running back into the hallway with a swarm of rats attacking him. Bobo the super dwarf aided Scruffy and together they burned the rats with a bottle of Alchemist Fire. After his shift was over, Bobo and Scruffy went to the Stumbling Giant for a well-deserved drink (make that three!). Bobo told Scruffy that he would help him clear out the underground cellars and sewers of the Saruun Guildhouse, that way he would no longer be pestered by filthy rats. Scruffy was “much abliged…mmmmhhmmmmm”. The next day, they set about their task. They at last came to the boiler room, which was inhabited by a ghoul and a shard of the Chaos Meteor (strange???). The ghoul sank its teeth into a mage apprentice, who was along for the ride, and after the fight, he was rushed to the Guildhouse infirmary while Bobo the super dwarf and Scruffy, the Janitor were quarantined. After several minutes of screaming from the infirmary, Citrian exited with a blood-spattered robe, saying that the apprentice had to be killed to stop the spread of the disease. Bobo noticed the mage walking with a slight limp as he unlocked their room to let him and Scruffy go…

8-30-2010 Update

Hello! Here’s a brief summary of the D&D session yesterday. Well, at least it started out brief…we actually did a lot in the way of plot development.

Once the celebration for the PCs died down, the group was summoned to a tribe elder meeting. The topic on hand was the future of the refugee camp; where they should go, who they should bring with them, etc. The elf tribe elders consist of:

- Sorrenson – a crotchity, stubborn, war veteran

- Anastriana Stargazer – a motherly elf, smelling of fresh baked bread and honey, who’s heart lies in caring for the children and orphans of the refugee camp

- Baldric Smithson – a retired blacksmith whose craftsmanship with wood was as remarkable as any stone or steel crafts made by the dwarves

- Carric Greanleaf – Elven Tribe Leader

Through Davros’s knowledge of the Chaos scar area, he knew of a local fortress, known as Restwell Keep, which could prove to be a safe haven for the refugees. One problem: rumor has it Restwell Keep is currently ruled by a band of evil adventurers known as the Six Blades of Fortune. The PCs assured the council that they could root out anyone in the keep. They decided to pack up, clear the keep out, and return when they were finished.

On their trek to Restwell Keep, the PCs were ambushed by a large group of thugs, led by two dexterous halfling twin brothers. The PCs (known as the Seven Orc Pileup) fought a long, hard fight. The thugs split the group up, and Bobo the super dwarf’s armor was rendered useless when a potion applied by one of the halflings shrunk it down to fit a household rat. The fight ended up in the PCs favor, slaying everyone except for one of the halfling brothers. While the PCs were distracted by a lumbering giant crashing into the battlefield, the short halfling struck a near-fatal blow to Bobo the super dwarf and disappeared into the forest. The tired and bruised PCs then had to use the remainder of their strength to battle an enfuriated and annoyed giant (you see, he had very large ears and the battle was taking place right after he got off a 12-hour work detail….he was in no mood for shenanigans!). Though the giant was able to hurl people around like ragdolls, the Seven Orc Pileup group was able to overcome this behemoth, with Davros dealing the killing blow (literally, he blew cold air at him…)

After resting and traveling another full day, the PCs arrived at the farmsteads outside of Restwell Keep. Speaking with one of the farmers, the group found out that the Six Blades of Fortune met their doom a fortnight ago when the keep was stormed by Lord Drysdale, a human paladin of Erathis. He and his cohorts now control the Keep and from what the PCs gathered, not everyone is too excited about this recent change. The PCs wished to talk to this Lord Drysdale and set about doing this.

Upon entering Restwell Keep, they met Fallek, corporal of the guard, and Syradon, the keep’s scribe. After introductions were made, weapons were confiscated, jokes were made, ladies were hit on, and purposes were stated, Fallek led the PCs to Kendon Longstrider, baliff of the Keep’s outer bailey. Kendon openly displays his disdain for Lord Drysdale, but is willing to help the PCs and the refugees find a place to reside in or around the keep. Kendon mentions that Lord Drysdale would show gratitude and be more willing to allow the refugees to stay in Restwell Keep if the PCs tracked down the murderous halflings who ambushed them on the road and kill them.

After two days of recuperation, the PCs are now ready to leave, and now must make a decision of what to do first: return to the refugees to tell them the good news, or hunt down the killer halflings. When the PCs return though, they find the state of the refugee camp in a drastically different condition than when they left….

Tune in next week. Same D&D time, same D&D channel, same cheesy DM!

P.S.: if you don’t laugh at my sarcasm, then I quit DMing. The campaign will now be run by LOLcat DM! Beware!!!!

Baby minotaur pic

Thought you all might like this. I found a pic of Dave’s minotaur as a baby

Awwww…..look how cute! He just killed his godmother and is gloating over her dead body!

Halfling Barbarian Pictures, Images and Photos

8-23-2010 Update

Hey everybody!!!! Sorry that we were all unable to play yesterday mainly due to me being busy (bad DM!). Anyway, wanted to update everyone that Dave and I got together to roll some dice for about an hour yesterday afternoon. He, along with the half-elf bard, ventured into an icy cave to confront a slumbering young white dragon (dun dun duuuhhhhh!). Coming close to death a couple times, Dave the minotaur emerged victorious, crushing the dragon’s skull to bits with his giant mordenkrad hammer. He was rewarded for his efforts by finding a suit of Bestial Hide Armor +1.

When we all play together next, we will start off by your party returning to the refugee camp with the elf captives rescued from an evil cult of the god Torog. The entire elven community of the camp throws a grand party in celebration of the safe return of their captive brothers and generously thanks your group. The elven leader, Carric Greenleaf, bestows his blessing upon you all and gives each of you an silver elven ring bearing a green leaf.

The next day, you group is summoned to a tribe elder meeting to discuss the future of this refugee camp. What actions will you take to guarantee the safety of the people who put their trust in you???

8-20-2010 Update

Below is a synopsis of the campaign so far.

Adventuring Party:
h6. Seven Orc Pileup

Alex – Bobo the Super Dwarf – dwarf warden

Jeff – Davros – wilden druid

Dave – Cairn Bloodhoof – minotaur barbarian

Brianna – Christmas – half-elf bard

Chaos Scar

Starting off:
Your characters started this campaign in a makeshift refugee camp on the outskirts of the Chaos Scar (east of the King’s Wall). The camp is comprised of the various races that lived in the Chaos Scar area before the meteor struck: elves and dwarves mostly, although there are some gnomes, humans, and half-elves). Through interaction with the denizens of the camp, you were informed of the hazards in the local area, which lead you to your first adventure.

Adventure 1: Bullywugs!!!
After several raids, the elves of the refugee camp had enough of these overgrown frogs pillaging their supplies. They tasked your group to find their lair and kill all the bullywugs inside. Finding their lair in a old sorcerer’s lab, you fought your way past giant frogs and frog-people (Jeff and Alex almost being eaten in the process!). You discovered that a magical staff connected to the elemental chaos was oozing forth a tide of mud, which is what attracted the bullywugs to this site. Utilizing his magical abilities, Jeff stopped the flood of mud and took the magical staff for his own. When you group returned to the refugee camp, everyone was glad to be rid of those frog pests… but their happiness was short lived. Right after Jeff left to travel in the woods (as he often does…probably picking flowers and rolling in grass) the camp was attacked by blue demon statues, cultists, and a one-armed, battle-axe wielding gnoll!
Try as hard as you might, your group was unable to stop the cultists from taking two elves captive and killing several more. You vowed to yourselves and the camp to find the missing elves and kill whoever was responsible.

Adventure 2: Cultists!
You tracked down the cultists’ path to an old cave on the side of a hill about 4 hours west of the camp. Entering, you fought and slew all the cultists and blue demons you encountered. Inside the cave, you found a giant mass of fungal mushrooms next to what turned out to be a temple devoted to the god Torog, the King that Crawls. Fighting your way through, you eliminated the leader of this cult, a female halfling named Morgana, and discovered that another power was at work in this dark place…a rock shard of the Chaos Scar meteor! Using his wits (or perhaps just doing what he does best) Dave smashed the shard to dust with his giant mordenkrad hammer. Finding the captive elves in a prison cell as well as finding a pile of coins, your group prepared to exit the cave, having killed all within. But wait, there’s more (there always is!), upon exiting the temple, you encountered several myconids (mushroom people) who were intent on killing your party and taking over this cave for their own. After a hard fought battle, your group survived and left the cave for good, returning to the refugee camp….

And this is where we will start off the next time we play!!!


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