Enter the Chaos Scar if you dare…

The Chaos Scar is not for the weak or timid. If you are a young adventurer hoping to simply stroll in, smack a few goblins on the head, loot the cave, and call it a day, the Scar will consume you and leave nothing but a wisp of smoke where you stood. To traverse this foul, terrain-warped land, your adventuring group must be on constant alert and able to adapt to any challenge that is thrown your way. Be fleet of foot, strong-bodied, and have an iron mind. Any weakness will be exposed and used to spell your doom.
So I ask you, do you think you can handle it?

All seriousness aside…

This campaign is primarily designed to create a fun and exciting D&D game by inserting new features into the D&D 4e world. New monsters, new terrain, new items, new powers…lots-o-new-stuff! Take a look around at the campaign info. I firmly believe in letting the PCs choose their own adventure paths, so the campaign info will grow in depth as the campaign progresses with the choices the adventurers take.

My name is Nate. I take a relaxed, sarcastic, fun-loving tone to DM-ing. If you’re looking for a rich background of the land complete with earls, fiefdoms, past wars, lineages, etc…you’re going to be disappointed. While I love details, that is not my main focus in playing/designing a D&D campaign. I want the game to be focused on the PCs enjoying the hell out of themselves and making a change (however crazy it may be!) in the world around them.

If you have any suggestion, questions, or are looking for a D&D group in the Tampa Bay area, feel free to write me.

God bless!

Adventures in the Chaos Scar

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